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Truck GPS tracking systems are rapidly becoming an essential component to commercial viability in Australian industries relying heavily upon semi-trailer truck fleets. With less and less room for error and the urge to improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs, truck navigation and truck tracking are no longer single entities but have been merged together to provide a wide variety of features and benefits which improve fleet performance.

Don’t mistake truck GPS units for the run of the mill non-commercial GPS units. They aren’t simply a navigation device. Truck GPS units have become an integral part of fleet management and as such, they are increasing the bottom line of Australian semi-truck fleets.

Why are Semi-Truck GPS Trackers Essential for Cutting Costs?

Whether you are an Australian truck dispatcher responsible for managing vehicle routes and destinations, an Australian business owner striving to keep costs as low as possible whilst maintaining operational control, or responsible for fleet crisis management and communications, a truck tracker system is essential.

Truck GPS Tracking: The Benefits

Truck tracking systems are much more complex than just simple truck GPS route navigation. Whilst this function is a given, truck GPS units offer much more functionality making them an ideal solution for effectively managing semi-trailer and truck fleets. In real-time you are able to pin-point exactly where your truck fleets are as well as manage truck maintenance, driver logistics and much more.

Truck Maintenance and Driver Logistics

Truck GPS management systems are extremely beneficial in monitoring fuel levels and controlling unnecessary fuel-wastage, curtailing, managing poor driver behaviour and making sure that truck fleets are operating efficiently through preventative maintenance by ensuring that trucks are being maintained and serviced appropriately.

Truck GPS Navigation, Route Planning and Reducing Fuel Costs

By knowing exactly where your trucks are at any given moment you are able to manage your truck fleet through a truck GPS route navigation system. Not only do you have the intrinsic benefit of a being able to reduce fuel costs caused by unnecessary and wasted mileage, but you can see and manage truck routes and dispatch directions to increase the productivity of your workforce. Additionally, you can stop speeding and perform your duty of care towards your employees. As a result, semi-trailer truck tracking systems provide an effective solution for truck fleet managers to ensure your truck operations align to government requirements from state to state.

Risk Management and Reduced Truck Insurance Premiums

semi-truck-gps-trackingBy implementing truck GPS units into your fleets you are often able to reduce insurance premiums by mitigating risk and exploiting the health and safety benefits provided by truck GPS tracking systems. Alongside managing your drivers, many truck GPS units also offer anti-theft functionalities. As a result, your trucks are better insured against theft, especially as these types of anti-theft tracking devices are able to pin-point the location of the stolen vehicle.

Front facing camera technology installed as part of a truck GPS unit can also be extremely beneficial in reducing insurance costs by providing invaluable video data that can be used for defending against vehicle accident claims.

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Cost Cutting Truck GPS Tracking Functionalities

Not all semi-truck tracking systems are comprised of the same functionalities. When considering which truck GPS unit you need, it is essential to consider which functionalities you need and how they will benefit your truck fleet.

There is a wide range of truck tracking functionalities but to help make your selection easier we have listed the most valuable functions below:

  • Real-time satellite mapping with zoom-in functionality
  • Easy to use reporting interface
  • Traffic alerts
  • Maintenance reporting and on-board diagnostics
  • Anti-theft security
  • App integration
  • Journey logs & truck navigation
  • Route planning and geo-fencing
  • Driver communication
  • Driver behaviour monitoring: idling times, speeding and accelerometer, dangerous driving, working hours, driver ID

Finding a truck GPS Australian supplier that can provide all of the functionalities you require can be a time consuming process. To help make this process easier fill out our quick and easy form to receive up to 4 free tailor-made truck tracking quotes from leading truck tracking suppliers.

Garmin Commercial Truck Fleet Management Review

Garmin review

Telogis Route ReviewRating (1-5*)
Ease of Use★★★★
Customer Support★★★
Value for Money★★★★
Reviewed by Global Positioning Specialists10/05/2016
*(1) poor, (2) fair, (3) good, (4) very good, (5) excellent

The name Garmin is synonymous with navigational GPS units (Sat Nav), and they are well and truly setting the stage of expectations when it comes to GPS truck tracking. As they state themselves: “with us on your side, drivers and dispatchers work together to improve customer response and optimise fleet resources to achieve lower costs and higher profits.” Garmin understand truck fleet operator requirements and they set out to meet and exceed them.

Garmin truck GPS systems aim to bring together easy dispatch interfaces, driver communication, live route planning and real-time navigation functionalities. Additionally, Garmin’s fleet-ready navigators are simple to install and ease to use with the user-friendly, hands-free, interface. Known for their high-quality mapping associations, they are excellent truck GPS route navigation systems, and have become the favoured brand of truck drivers.

Despite Garmin GPS trackers providing a range of fleet management benefits, the battery life can fall short. However, truck navigation systems often fall foul here, especially if truck drivers use the GPS navigation connectivity to the max. However, it is unusual to use navigational GPS truck trackers unless they plugged in to the running vehicle. As a result, this is rarely a problem.

Choosing a Truck Tracking Solution for Australian Fleets

Choosing a truck tracking system can be a difficult task, especially when you have specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. To save time and make this process easier fill out our form and receive free, no obligation, tailor-made truck tracking quotes from leading vehicle tracking suppliers.

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