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Track My Ride Company Profile

track my ride

Est. 2011
City East, Queensland
GPS Vehicle Tracking Security Systems


100% Australian
Trusted to Protect Vehicles

Features: 65/100
Customer Support: 65/100
Value For Money: 65/100

Founded in 2011, Track My Ride provides GPS Vehicle Tracking Security Systems.

Unlike some other vehicle tracking providers, they have created an all-in-one specialised product for easy convenience.

Being Australian-made, the system is guaranteed to be effective in the case of a theft, regardless of where you may be in Australia.

Track My Ride pride themselves on being trusted to protect vehicles.

Expert Opinion

If you require a vehicle tracker that can locate your vehicle/s anywhere in Australia, this is a great option. Especially if vehicle security is a concern. However, for businesses operating fleets, a more comprehensive system will be of benefit.

Track My Ride GPS Security Tracker:

Track My Ride works anywhere in Australia to ensure the safety of your vehicles. This system is ideal for both individuals as well as businesses, making it perfect for whatever your use.

Features: 65/100
Customer Support: 65/100
Value For Money: 65/100

Cost: $440 – $499
Rating: ★★★½
Recommended: 65%

There are many benefits which make Track My Ride one of the best GPS tracking devices to use in Australia, they include:

First 6 Months Free

If you are unsure about whether or not Track My Ride is for you, you can try their products for the first 6 months for free.

Mobile Monitoring

Whether you are using an Iphone, Android device, or a laptop, Track My Ride provides a software compatible with all devices for monitoring your vehicle(s). As a result, you can track your vehicle remotely.

Real-Time Tracking

The Track My Ride software tracks your vehicle location every 10 seconds. With such precise tracking, you can accurately track your vehicles. Additionally, the real-time tracking functionality enables precise tracking data to be captured to allow for you to be notified immediately if your vehicle has been stolen. Being made aware that your vehicle has been stolen as close to the time of theft as possible with dramatically help to increase your chances of recovery.

Cell Tower Triangulation

Using cell tower triangulation, you can identify the exact routes your vehicles have been travelling, making it especially useful for businesses. Knowing where your fleet is going can help identify more efficient routes that could be taken, making travel more efficient, and saving fuel costs in the process.

Internal Backup Battery

There is nothing worse than having your GPS tracking system fail you when your vehicle is being stolen and needs it the most. Track My Ride have ensured this doesn’t happen by installing a low power mode which is automatically activated when your vehicle is parked up so you know that the tracker is not wasting energy. Additionally, an internal backup battery is provided to replace your main battery, so you know that your GPS tracking system is as reliable as possible. Furthermore, the software will send you email and SMS alerts to notify you when your battery is running low.

SMS and Email Alerts

Going hand in hand with real-time tracking, if your vehicle is being stolen you will be sent an instant SMS alert, or email if preferred.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Some insurer providers may favour the implementation of the vehicle tracking device and offer discounts.

Detailed Business Reports

More suited to businesses, the business reports show driving trends and patterns that help identify problematic driving behaviours such as speeding, to help enforce the health and safety standards of your company. You are also able to identify shorter routes for future jobs and identify if there are any inefficient routes. These reports help businesses to become more efficient and cut fleet costs.

Track My Ride Costs

The price for the system depends on the number of vehicles you are wanting to track and the mobile network that you want to track through. As previously mentioned, the first 6 months are free – there are no additional fees or commitment.

GPS Security Tracker - Optus 3G Network


Per Unit + Subscription Costs

GPS Security Tracker - Telstra 3G Network


Per Unit + Subscription Costs

Each tracker costs $440 or $499 for the initial cost plus installation. Once you have purchased the tracker, you will need to pay a monthly software subscription plan which costs $25 per month. If you are unfamiliar with how the costing structure of GPS tracking systems, initial costs for the unit and monthly subscriptions are the most common form of payment plan, especially for businesses.

Customer Support

Track My Ride offer a phone line, online form and technical support email address. All customer support is handled by an in-house team of experts.

Track My Ride Case Study

There have been numerous businesses that have benefited from Track My Ride Systems.

In addition to the security features businesses have reported that the vehicle tracking software helps to keep track of driver behavior by notifying drivers and fleet managers via SMS or email if they have surpassed the speed limit. This makes drivers aware of their speed and reminds them that their driving is being monitored and recorded. Furthermore, businesses have reported that the fuel log helps them to more effectively manage fuel costs and the software allows them to highlight and analyse the mileage for each vehicle.

Why Choose Track My Ride?

Track My Ride is perfect for personal or business use. Track My Ride’s trackers can be installed in a variety of motorised objects, from jet skis to lawnmowers to cars to caravans, making them extremely versatile.

For businesses, the ability to be notified as soon as your vehicle has been stolen and to locate the vehicle in real time proves very useful. Stolen vehicles can be very costly for businesses, especially for those businesses that only have a handful of vehicles. Losing one vehicle can dramatically impact productivity and affect cash flow, therefore recovering the vehicle and getting it back on the road in the shortest amount of time is paramount.