securatrak review

Securatrak Company Profile


Est. 2003
Adeliade, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth
Most Advanced GPS Tracking Systems


Gold Partner of Telstra
The Australasian Provider for World Leading Telematics Supplier Geotab

Features: 95/100
Customer Support: 80/100
Value For Money: 88/100

Founded in 2003, Securatrak are one of Australia’s leading fleet management solutions companies offering GPS tracking. Their systems aim to be cost effective and have a high level of benefits for their users. With a head office in Adelaide, and a presence in all Australian states with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney – as well as a New Zealand and Asian presence – they are one of the bigger players in the Australian market. Securatrak are partnered with a Canadian company called Geotab Inc which has been in the telematics business since 1998 and both sides benefit from this partnership.

Securatrak Live in Action:

Expert Opinion

Securatrak Geotab is powerful technology for fleet management software. The modular nature means you can create your own Geotab suite of products that work brilliantly for your fleet with the priorities and add-ons that are important to you and your requirements. Benefiting enormously from their partnership with Geotab Inc in Canada, you’re getting globally leading GPS tracker and fleet management solutions that are perfectly adapted and honed for the Australian marketplace. The Securatrak Geotab offers some unique features that are normally quite hard to find all from one provider.

Fleet Management Solutions

Securatrak offer a modular approach to fleet management and vehicle tracking software to suit every kind of business, from a one man band to fleets with over 100,000 vehicles. The primary options center around Securatrak Geotab, their innovative fleet management and vehicle tracking solution.

Securatrak – Securatrak Geotab

Various hardware options are available to operate in conjunction with Securatrak Geotab. The system works through their market-leading Geotab option with various different add-ons according to your particular fleet requirements.

Features: 95/100
Customer Support: 80/100
Value For Money: 88/100

Cost: Request
Rating: ★★★★½
Recommended: 88%


  • Driver identification using ID keys
  • Driver Behaviour Management including a Driver Scorecard
  • GPS and NextG technology
  • Over 44 standard reports with customised reporting possible as well as custom exception rules
  • Mobile app for smartphones
  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking
  • Accident Tracking
  • Maintenance Monitoring such as oil levels, engine temperature and coolant levels
  • Routing functions
  • Route Replay Options for historical journeys
  • Route Optimisation

Add-ons include:

  • Geotab GO7: plug-in or wired-in hardware options connecting to the MyGeotab portal
  • Garmin Go Connect: enables fleet managers to communicate with drivers, coordination dispatch management and provide accurate routing to your deisred location
  • Iridium Satellite Module: providing your fleet with coverage even if they travel out of cellular coverage
  • Zone Defender Plus DVR: a camera which is integrated with the Geotab with night vision as well as front-facing and in-cab cameras to record events, with an emergency activation button
  • Asset-Tracking: A plug in and go option for asset-tracking, which is water- and dust-proof, with a back-up battery, mapping capabilities, and global usage
  • Driver Safety Module: Man down capabilities as well as accident notifications and a collision avoidance system called Mobileye
  • Enterprise Services Group: Should you wish to outsource all of your fleet running tasks then this can be provided by Securatrak


  • Improve Driver Safety with heightened visibility of location, behaviour, incidents and accidents
  • Improved Productivity across the fleet
  • Cost-Savings
  • Reliability
  • Vastly improved customer service with information on all aspects such as arrival and departure times, and historical journey recording
  • Operational Efficiency Improved
  • Understanding of and reduction of carbon footprint
  • Vehicle Management
  • Integration with other systems including invoices and other third party systems
  • Insurance Premium Reductions
  • Reduce mileage across the fleet and associated fuel costs
  • Prevent downtime through careful engine management
  • Powerful insights into your fleet

Industry Usage

Geotab Securatrak is suitable for a complete array of businesses and industries. Geotab is suitable for a small fleet of just a few vehicles through medium-sized enterprises, and up to giant corporations. It is suitable for any industry including logistics, tourism (bus and coach tour companies), the service industry, construction, school buses, mining, oil and gas, hire vehicles, corporate, government and sales.

Securatrak Cost

Securatrak costs vary depending on the modular system you build, create and customise to meet your specific fleet management requirements. Fleet managers can be sure the return on investment by purchasing Securatrak Geotab will ensure it is a valuable purchase. Cost savings will be seen across the fleet whilst also improving cost efficiencies and fleet management efficiencies.

Customer Support

With a large company providing fleet management services to a range of business types and sizes you expect good customer service, and that’s no exception with Securatrak Geotab. The primary customer support is done through training but additional support is available via their web form and by using their search database.

Securatrak Customer Case Study

Garden Grove Haulage, a haulage company with over 100 vehicles, turned to Securatrak Geotab to help with their fleet management problems. Their main aims were to improve customer service as well as improve their driver safety.

Alicia Critchley, the Accounts Manager for Garden Grove Haulage reports about Geotab: “It’s cost-effective, has helped us to be more efficient (on many levels), improved driver behaviour and it has ‘saved the day’ more than once!”

Since installing Securatrak fleet management solutions and live trackers across their fleet of 120 vehicles, Garden Grove Haulage have found that they are much better able to provide relevant and useful information to their customers such as arrival and departure times. In addition, if a dispute has arisen then Garden Grove are able to utilise historical journey recording to see exactly where the problem lies. In addition, knock-on benefits include that Garden Grove are now spending less time handling customer queries and tracking down the information they need. Additionally, they can schedule routes with better optimisation and planning. Driver behaviour is also reported on weekly, and this information feeds through to the company’s training programme, thus ensuring continual improvement.

Securatrak have supported Garden Grove Haulage by initially providing them with excellent and useful training which has then been backed up with free webinars which can be used as refresher and induction training tools. Furthermore, Securatrak have provided one-to-one training on Securatrak Geotab as required for key personnel.

Why Choose Securatrak?

Securatrak is a reliable name to get on board with your fleet management solutions. If you need a system that you can truly make unique to your business, and have every fleet management solution coming from one provider, then Securatrak using Securatrak Geotab is a worthwhile contender. Data integration with other systems is a pro, making this a very versatile system that can be made to work for you.