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Chipping Norton, New South Wales
Fastest Growing GPS Tracking Business in Australia


Fleet Management Applications Trusted by the Largest Names in the Automotive and People Moving Industry

Features: 82/100
Customer Support: 80/100
Value For Money: 81/100

Netcorp GPS offers an Australia-wide GPS and fleet management service providing all the tools you need to adequately and powerfully track your fleet, whether you’ve got a handful of vehicles or a large enterprise scale fleet.

Netcorp GPS pride themselves on offering an off-the-shelf range of solutions with monthly subscriptions that are highly competitive without any compromise made with regards to the quality of the products and services they offer. Netcorp GPS is the fastest growing GPS tracking business in the country.

Expert Opinion

Netcorps GPS is definitely one of the most affordable and reliable products on the Australian market. They are upfront and honest about pricing for the three different tracking options they offer, and you can see exactly where your money is being spent. Netcorps GPS provide an excellent service with affordable costs. Scalable for any size business and fleet, yet effectively being an ‘off the shelf’ package, Netcorps GPS is seen as an attractive option for many.

Netcorp GPS Tracking Systems

Netcorp GPS has three main subscriptions for fleet management and GPS tracking services: Basic, Value and Platinum. All three are scalable according to the size and requirements of your fleet and available through two different hardware options: the wired option NC-3G and the OBD6800 which is a Plug and Play device.

Netcorp GPS Basic

Netcorp GPS Basic package is a good starter platform for fleets new to using GPS, or small fleets looking for an economical and useful tracking solution

Features: 75/100
Customer Support: 80/100
Value For Money: 78/100

Cost: $19
Rating: ★★★★
Recommended: 78%


  • Driver behaviour metrics
  • GPS and Telstra 3G technology
  • Fully customisable reports
  • 120 second ‘real-time’ data upload, so see where your fleet is with 3 minute accuracy
  • Cloud-based with live mapping using Google Maps
  • Fuel management
  • Auto-alerts
  • Vehicle security
  • 1 month history accessibility
  • Unlimited email alerts


  • Improve driver safety through addressing driver behaviour concerns
  • Meet health and safety Regulations
  • Improve fleet productivity
  • Make cost savings and efficiencies across the fleet
  • Improve customer service with useful customer data
  • Potentially reduce your insurance premiums
  • Reduce your fleet’s overall mileage

Industry Usage

Netcorp GPS Basic Package is ideal for smaller fleets who are seeking an affordable option for vehicle tracking. It’s great for service based fleets where down to the second tracking isn’t as essential, but key reporting is.

Netcorp GPS Value

Netcorp GPS Value Package is their middle of the road offering, with increased functionality from the Basic package, whilst still remaining affordable.

Features: 80/100
Customer Support: 80/100
Value For Money: 80/100

Cost: $25
Rating: ★★★★½
Recommended: 80%


The features builds on the Basic package with the following:

  • 60 second ‘real-time’ data upload, so see where your fleet is with 1 minute accuracy
  • 3 month history accessibility


Customers will benefit from all of the benefits mentioned in the Netcorp GPS Basic package but will also benefit from:

  • Greater tracking accuracy
  • More in-depth fleet data

Industry Usage

The Netcorp GPS Value package still offers exceptional value for money whilst bringing you a faster ‘real-time’ tracking solution. This enables small, medium, and some larger fleets to meet their tracking requirements. The Netcorp GPS Value package is suitable for a wide range of industries including logistics, rental vehicles, and utilities.

Netcorp GPS Platinum

The top of the range offering from Netcorp GPS is called Platinum and is a fully-comprehensive real-time fleet tracking software. Whilst being the most advanced this package is competitively priced.

Features: 90/100
Customer Support: 80/100
Value For Money: 85/100

Cost: $30
Rating: ★★★★½
Recommended: 85%


The features builds on the Value package with the following:

  • 10 second ‘real-time’ data upload, so exceptional Real Time capabilities
  • 12 month history accessibility


  • High accuracy vehicle location
  • Ability to identify driver/fleet trends and rectify fleet operations to save costs

Industry Usage

Netcorp GPS Platinum Package is versatile and can be used across a wide range of fleets and industries. For fleet managers wanting to keep a very accurate view of their fleet at all times then the 10 second real time feature is worth paying for. Additionally, the Platinum Package can add value to many different service based industries for example insurance, banking, hire vehicles, utilities and telecoms.

Netcorp GPS Costs

Netcorp GPS is definitely one of the most economical and affordable options on the Australian market without compromising on quality and reliability. Netcorp GPS are clear and upfront in their pricing.

Basic Package


Per Unit Per Month

Value Package


Per Unit Per Month

Platinum Package


Per Unit Per Month

Customer Support

Customer support is offered around the clock, 7 days a week, and can be accessed using the Netcorp GPS online form. Additionally there are various downloads available from their website as well as a section of FAQ’s to help you out of common problems.

Note: Netcorp GPS technology is fairly easy to install. The OBD6800 Plug and Play option can be up and running within 5 minutes, and the NC-3G can be installed easily using an auto electrician if required.

Netcorp GPS Case Studies

Extreme Fire Solution, an Australian business offering fire solutions in New South Wales,  have a complex fleet on the road that is an imperative part of the business – installing and maintaining essential fire services for clients. They needed to install a GPS tracking and fleet management tool to help them to improved productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Jody Aldag, the Managing Director of Extreme Fire Solutions, stated that month on month they saved thousands by scheduling daily routines more accurately. In addition, Extreme Fire Solutions have made quantifiable costs savings, increased productivity by 18% and reduced overtime claims by over 40%.

Another business pleased with their live tracking function from Netcorp GPS is Sydney Fast Ferries. Sydney Fast Ferries have a fleet of tour boats offering whale watching tours and other tourist tours in Sydney Harbour. The reason Sydney Fast Ferries was looking to install a GPS tracking system was because of issues they had with clients asserting that tours were late and accusations that they were not observing the relevant regulations. Following the installing of Netcorp GPS trackers Sydney Fast Ferries gained greater transparency over driver behaviour and as a result, improved customer service.

Why Choose Netcorp GPS?

Netcorp GPS is ideal if you need to keep a close eye on your costs. Investment in a Netcorp GPS system will lead to you making huge savings overall. Overall, you should choose Netcorp GPS if you have a fleet, small or large,  and would like to increase your visibility over fleet operations and performance..