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Est. 1996
Sydney,  Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth
Bespoke Fleet Management Systems


Approved by The Australian Taxation Office
Over 55,000 Vehicles Subscribed

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Fleet Partners are a leading Australian brand in the fleet management industry. Their focus is on corporate leasing and fleet management, but within this they have excellent telematics solutions for your corporate fleet. Within Fleet Partners Australia there is Fleet Partners Sydney, Fleet Partners Melbourne, and their head office, Fleet Partners Richmond, Victoria. Concentrated in the main business areas of the country their focus is on corporate clients, particularly novated lease for company cars. Established for 20 years and with a presence in both Australia and New Zealand they offer a bespoke and comprehensive service whatever the size of your fleet.

Expert Opinion

Fleet Partners is an Australian company which concentrates on its solid roots in its heartlands of Fleet Partners Richmond, Fleet Partners Sydney and Fleet Partners Melbourne. For corporate fleets, whatever the size of your business, if you’re looking to fully outsource fleet management then Fleet Partners are a worthy contender. Whilst novated lease is the central tenet of the business this only enhances, rather than detracts, from the telematics solutions on offer to their customers.

Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Whilst the mainstay of Fleet Partners Australia is their car leasing and novated lease service, they are very much focused on being a fully comprehensive fleet management service and leaders in the industry. They offer distinctive telematics and real-time solutions.

FleetPartners – LogbookMe and Real-Time Tracking

Fleet Partners Australia assist businesses with their costs, as well as help individual employees, by utilising telematics logbooks and real-time solutions that are geared for corporate fleets.

Customer Support
Value For Money

Cost: Request
Rating: ★★★½
Recommended: 78%


  • Driver ID through individual driver key fob or even their work security pass
  • Driver Behaviour Management with recordings such as odometer, braking and harsh acceleration
  • GPS and NextG coverage
  • Standard Reporting and web-based interface
  • 1 second Real-Time data refresh
  • Accident Tracking with Auto-Alerts on impact
  • Dispatch Management
  • Vehicle Tracking and Trip Recording with the possibility to easily switch between business and personal usage recording
  • Work Order Management
  • Garmin integration
  • Electronic Tax Logbook
  • Plug and Go with detailed metrics, or wired-in solution


  • Approved by the Australian Taxation Office
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Driver Safety Management
  • Benefit from the economies of scale and the strong supply chain of the overall Fleet Partners business
  • Reduce Costs
  • Generate significant Fringe Benefit Tax savings and tax efficiency
  • Time Saving

Industry Usage

The central thrust of Fleet Partners business is very much geared towards the corporate client with a fleet of company cars to manage. However, Fleet Partners solutions are also suitable for the individual driver in addition to solutions for full fleet coverage of all types including leases of light vehicles, trucks, buses and even plant equipment. The LogbookMe and real-time tracking solutions can be utilised across the fleet including cars, vans and trucks.

FleetPartners Costs

FleetPartners offer an entirely bespoke package for each client. Businesses benefit from Fleet Partners Australia’s own reputation and strong supply chains they operate within. There is no doubt that choosing Fleet Partners will generate a return on investment that makes it more than worthwhile.

Customer Support

Fleet Partners pride themselves on operating a fully comprehensive fleet management software Australia service with the added benefit of to outsource this daily headache. As such, the majority of issues are handled within the Fleet Partners organisation themselves without any concern to you. However, should you need to contact customer support then you can do so via phone or web form.

Customer Verdict

What stands out for Fleet Partners is how much the employees and drivers within a corporate fleet appreciate the benefits and services. Fleet Partners becomes a highly powerful part of your benefits package and enables you to stand out from the crowd. The tax efficiency and consistency is particularly worthwhile.

FleetPartners Case Study

Pacific Brands are an Australian and New Zealand based retail business who have saved $139,000 in the first year since getting Fleet Partners on board with their fleet management. They requested FleetPartners to undertake a complete fleet review with the main aims of reducing their overall fleet operational costs, rework an aging fleet and bring it more in line with their business expectations, and optimise the usage of their vehicles.

The decision was taken to fully outsource Pacific Brand’s fleet management responsibilities to FleetPartners to free capital and resources within the business, but also to remove the problems of daily fleet management from within the business itself.

FleetPartners were able to utilise their economies of scale, buying power, and strong supply chain to fully replace the Pacific Brands fleet with much more fit for purpose vehicles.  They did this both in Australia and New Zealand. The additional benefits that all safety requirements have now been met, Pacific Brand’s carbon footprint has been decreased, and most importantly, they have saved $139,000 AUD across the fleet in the first year since getting Fleet Partners on board.

Why Choose FleetPartners?

FleetPartners is a valuable choice if managing your fleet services internally within your organisation has become an internal problem of its own. If it is eating time and you’re not sure if you’re operating efficiently then FleetPartners can completely review your business offerings and come up with a package that will demonstrate considerable cost savings across your fleet management.